5 Essential Things to Know about Limestone Pavers in Perth WA

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Paving, be it for a residential or commercial area, isn’t just about making the property aesthetically pleasing – it provides numerous benefits that could benefit you in the long run. Among the advantages of having good quality paving are: protection against rough weather conditions, and providing longevity to the surroundings of a property, which likewise translates to an increase in the value of your property.

Limestone pavers in Perth WA is one of the most commonly used materials for hardscaping due to its durability and beautiful colors and designs. Compared to other natural stones, limestones aren’t easily penetrable, hence there’s a significant decrease in discoloration and mold growth.

But before you jumpstart your new home project, here are some of the essential things you should know about the limestone pavers in Perth WA.

types of limestone


Unlike other pavers, natural stones such as limestone can be expensive but worth your every penny. Using the finest limestone pavers guarantees not only elegant pavers, but one that would last for decades.


Guarantee that you’ll get your penny’s worth when buying limestone pavers by assessing these qualities: salt tested, density, and thickness. Choose a limestone of high density to prevent little to no leakage during strong weather. Moreover, the thickness should start at 30mm or more to ensure the endurance of the material.

Use (Indoors or Outdoors)

outdoor limestone pavers on perth

Since limestone consists of various materials, it comes in different colors such as: grey, light beige to dark browns, reds, greens, greys, blues, blacks, yellows, pinks, orange, and pastel shades which is quite popular these days.

Debunking the common misconceptions around the use of limestone pavers – a fine, salt tested and slip resistant limestone paver can be used around a swimming pool. Further, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor setting as long as you are using the appropriate thickness and pattern to lay these limestones.

There are various patters to choose from: regular patterns, which are usually arrange in parallel rows, are utilized to create clean and elegant look; French pattern, which is designed in alternating rows of rectangles and squares, gives a sophisticated vibe to your property – it’s also the most popular pattern; then there’s also a variety of unique patterns such as spiral (styled in circular formation), herringbone (arranging rectangular tiles in zigzag form), and antique patterns (overlapping of tiles to create a feel of walking during the old times).

Heat Resistance

As limestone is made from calcite, it can’t absorb heat, hence making the pavement as cool as it can be under a hot weather – an ideal preference for areas experiencing extreme weather changes.


limestone pavers

While limestone pavers are sturdy on its own, there are still things that you should do to ensure that it will last long. It’s recommended to seal it to prevent organic growth and early deterioration. Be sure that you are using a special stone sealer that is specifically made for penetrating limestones. If you’re unsure of the sealer to use, you can always ask experts when visiting any hardware stores.

Further, in cleaning it, you will need to use neutral cleaning solution to remove dirty, dust, or grime. After cleaning it, you have the option to add a protective coating to prevent it from wearing off for a short period of time.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right limestone pavers in Perth WA – from color and pattern and where you’d place it can be quite intimidating. However, it’ll be worthwhile your time and effort given the benefits you’ll reap from utilizing the material to renovate or further improve your home. It’s also critical that you conduct tests and reach out to suppliers that have established reputation in providing quality materials.

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