Regular Paver Maintenance: What it Involves and Why it Matters

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Out of all of a home’s exterior, pavers are the most overlooked part of property care. You may not realize it, but it plays a very important role in shaping first impressions. This is why the importance of regular paver maintenance cannot be overstated. Pavers are more than just a functional part of the exterior of your home for you to walk on or for your car to park, it’s also an integral part of your property’s curb appeal. If you want your pavers to last a long time and to maintain their aesthetic appeal, you’ll need to properly maintain them.

Understanding Paver Maintenance

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One thing you need to understand is that paver maintenance isn’t a one-time activity. Think of it as upkeep – something that you do regularly to ensure that your pavers remain clean and aesthetically pleasing all the time. You can’t hope for your pavers to be well maintained if you only do maintenance once. You’ll need regular cleaning, sealing, and stain removal. Sometimes, you’ll also need to check for damaged pavers and repair or replace them.

The Importance of Regular Paver Maintenance 

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Maintains Curb Appeal and Aesthetic Value  – No matter how badly you want your pavers to look brand new all the time, they will eventually wear out over time. Factors like weather and foot traffic all contribute to the natural wear and tear of your pavers. However, if you perform regular paver maintenance, you’ll make your pavers look clean and new, maintaining their aesthetic value and your home’s cub appeal.

Stain Prevention and Removal  – Vehicle leaks, and spills can cause serious stains to your pavers and can be hard to remove. The trick to having stain-free pavers is to identify causes early and act on them right away. This is where regular paver maintenance comes in. If you regularly clean your pavers, you’ll identify these stain-causing spills early before they set in your pavers and you can clean them right away.  

Prevent Weed Growth – Weeds growing in between pavers is a common issue and can ruin your paver’s condition if left unattended. This can easily be remedied with regular maintenance. Set aside a day in a week or even every 2 weeks to pick off weeds and clean the gaps in between pavers. This way you’ll maintain your paver’s clean appearance and get rid of those pesky weeds. 

Maintaining Paver Durability – Although pavers are made from durable materials and are designed to stand a beating, they can easily deteriorate without proper care. With regular maintenance, you can preserve your paver’s integrity and can help prevent it from cracking, chipping, or lifting which can lead to expensive repairs. 

Increase Property Value – If you’re planning to sell your house in the future, having well-maintained pavers can significantly increase your property’s overall value. This is one factor where the importance of regular paver maintenance is really evident. Think of maintenance as an investment that just helps your property value grow until you eventually decide to sell it.

Save on Repair Costs – You might think that weeds and small chips are minor issues that don’t need your attention. However, these small issues can add up real quick and can turn into big damages that not only hurt your property’s aesthetics but also your wallet. Big damages need big repairs which requires a big budget. Repair costs are no joke, so if you want to avoid these costly repairs, regular maintenance is the key.  

How To Do Regular Paver Maintenance?

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Now that you understand the importance of regular paver maintenance, it’s time for you to know how to properly take care of your pavers. Let’s look at what’s involved in regular paver maintenance. 

Regular Cleaning – This is the easiest thing that you can do to regularly maintain your pavers. Sweep debris, wash out stains, remove dirt, and keep weeds from growing between the pavers. If you’re having trouble with really bad stains, you might need to call professional clean services to help you clean them.

Inspection – During your regular cleaning, it’s good to inspect your pavers for any cracks, chips, or any form of damage. You also need to be on the lookout for loose or sunken pavers. By doing routine inspection you can act quickly and prevent even more damage from occurring. 

Repair/Replacement  – No matter how careful you are in maintaining your pavers, some pavers might just be too damaged and beyond repair due to severe cracking. These need to be replaced. You can look up guides online or ask someone who knows how for tips. However, if you are unsure of what to do, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.    

Sealing – Sealing is an integral part of maintaining your pavers. Sealing enhances your pavers‘ durability by protecting them from stains, wear and tear, and severe weather damage. Sealing also gives your pavers a glossy, well-maintained look and can enhance their color. Depending on the type of pavers you have and the sealant you use, this should be done every 3-5 years.  

And there you have it, the importance of regular paver maintenance. It’s not only good for preserving your exterior’s aesthetic appeal and durability, but it also contributes to the overall value and curb appeal of your property. So don’t take this task lightly, think of this as an important investment in maintaining the exterior of your home. Set aside a day or two in a week or even do this every two weeks. Just make sure that you are consistent in maintaining your pavers if you hope to keep them looking brand new. 

Sometimes, even with all the maintenance, some issues just can’t be fixed using DIY methods. Things like stubborn stains and severely damaged pavers need professional assistance. And that’s where The Ccncrete Painter Perth comes in. We have over twenty years of experience in paver maintenance and are ready to assist you with any problem you have with your pavers. Don’t hesitate to call us today and let us help you maintain your paver’s beauty and integrity.   

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