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Driveway Painting Perth

driveway painting perth

Why Choose us for Driveway Painting in Perth?

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  • 20 Years of experiences
  • 3000 Driveways Painted
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  • Gives your home a Real lift, No matter what the condition.
  • Cracks and separated sections repaired or filled.
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  • Good prices , No mess anti skid avail.

Driveway Painting Includes:

  • High pressure cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Old paving made new again
  • High quality sealants used
driveway painting in perth

Looking for a new look of your driveway painting Perth

Does your driveway require a new look?

Painting might be an excellent choice for you. Although painting won’t fix a destroyed driveway, it can both repair minor blemishes, and provide a wide range of styles that can be both aesthetically and functionally impressive.

Moreover, painting and sealing your driveway can make sure a durable life.

There are a few things you have to consider before buying driveway paint.

Understanding Driveway Materials

Your choice of driveway material – whether it be stone, concrete, asphalt, or wood – significantly impacts the painting process. Each material comes with its unique painting requirements and challenges, emphasising the importance of selecting the appropriate paint for your specific driveway type.

Epoxy-Seal: Professional Strength Paint

Epoxy-Seal is a high-quality paint known for its professional strength. It offers a satin, smooth finish that effectively prevents fading, blistering, peeling, and scuffing. With a palette of 18 tintable colours and three pre-mixed options, this paint is readily available nationwide. Notably, it repels substances such as tar, oil, and dirt, adding a touch of personality with its diverse colour range.

Tar and Coal Paint: An Affordable Option

For a more budget-friendly choice akin to acrylic paint, tar and coal paint proves to be an inexpensive option. It repels dirt and other substances while being easy to apply. However, it’s essential to note that it offers less protection compared to epoxy. Nonetheless, it comes in various colours, providing flexibility in your choice.

Oil and Water-Based Paints: Budget-Friendly Choices

Opting for oil and water-based paints provides budget-friendly alternatives, offering a wide range of colours for easy application. While resistant to the elements, these paints fall short of the protection provided by epoxy and may be prone to cracking over time.

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Driveway

When engaging in driveway painting in Perth, consider your budget, specific requirements, and the desired level of protection. A protective coating may be an additional consideration. Post-painting, refrain from using the driveway for several days to ensure proper curing.

Refinishing and Visual Repair Options

If a complete driveway replacement is not feasible, consider alternative options such as refacing with asphalt, installing pavers, or applying a fresh paint job to address surface imperfections.

Driveway Maintenance and Surface Preparation

Concrete driveways require thorough surface preparations before sealing, including filling any cracks while avoiding covering expansion joints. Application of two coats of paint on dry days with temperatures in the low seventies is recommended for comprehensive drying.

Enhancing Driveway Appeal with Garden Edging

Consider incorporating garden edging, such as brick edging, to add a dramatic touch. Painting the edging in high-visibility colours can further enhance its visual impact.

Creating a Classy Impression

For a sophisticated aesthetic, opt for a low brick wall topped with a rail fence adorned with decorative finials. While this choice may be on the costly side, the impressive visual impact it provides may well justify the expense.

Exploring Visual Options Online

For inspiration and a better understanding of available procedures, peruse online images. When purchasing driveway paint online, scrutinise detailed specifications to make an informed choice.

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